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Default Hey Chicks!!

Oh what things have transpired since I have visited last...lets see. I started my new job...HATED it the first week....the second week was better...then this first week I started out with that dreaded stomach/bowel flu!!! I have been off 3 days now with it.

All the changes have been stressfull and my loss has been a bit up and down, but I have been OK with everything. At my LAST weigh in..(as I will not weigh while I am sick as that will not be very accurate) I was down 3 pounds. And yes that means I managed to lose the 4 I gained back from my binge. I guess the twisted nice thing about it, is that it kinda put my body back in the 'new' state and the loss has been a bit easier. NO I am not condoning my fall from NS-grace. I think with me the plateau just kept getting to me so I started eating bad again.

My SIL is doing great and I got to see her this past weekend. She looks happier and great. She is down about 15-18 pounds now and has kept with it. Her face is thinner and I noticed she does not look so 'out of breath' as before. I am glad she tried NS

Well ladies I am going to go back and lay down. I thought about you all and had to come on line to see how everyone is doing.

CONGRATS on all the successess, starts and goals! and KEEP GOINGS YOUR DOING GREATS to those that are keeping up with the fight


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