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Default Steel Magnolias -- #128

Just checking in to see if anyone was in the flower patch today. I realized that my last post rolled over to the second page so will copy it here.

Hope all is well and you have a great week! I am looking forward to a break from school. (and kids!)

Good Afternoon - Evening, Flowers!

The sun has set and it is starting to get dark outside. That is my least favorite part of fall changing into winter. It was 71 degrees today and so nice outside!

Gloria -- Our neighbors were out putting up Christmas lights when I came home from school. We will probably be out when the snow is blowing and it's below zero!

Maggie -- That is the file that was trying to download! So far it hasn't tried to come back, thank goodness! Have a safe trip!

I am off to dream up something for supper. I feel like I am getting a cold and have that "do I or don't I" scratchy throat. I drank ice water all day at school and feel like I slosh when I walk.

Have a great weekend!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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