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Let love in
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name: Shannon

Screenname meaning: John sings about his beautiful sweetcharade from the song Hate this Place:D

nickname(s): Mrs. Rzeznik, Greensburg She Devil, Momma Smurf, Bubbles, Goo Girl

birthday March 18, 1969

where were you born: Oakland Pa

zodiac sign: Pisces

height: 5'4"

weight: hahaha....see ticker below

hair color: right now red

eye color: brown.

shoe size: 7

ring size: 7-8

skin type: normal

blood type: A-

grade: A

GPA: 4.0


tattoos: none yet

piercings: ears,

hobbies: Johnny Rzeznik,decorating, gardening,my space, gourmet cooking, Goo Goo Dolls, SHOPPING, 80's hairbands, Criss Angel, did I mention Johnny Rzeznik??? lol so obssessed!!!!!!!


color:earth tones

food: seafood

candy:swedish fish

type of cheese:none really

pizza topping:plain

salad dressing:depends on what type of salad I prepare

sandwich:Tuscan bread, Fresh basil, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, and roasted garlic

cereal:Kashi Go Lean Crunch w/ Rice milk

fruit:love them all as long as there fresh

vegetable:again love them as long as they are fresh

berry: Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberries

cake: it was cheese cake but, since i'm starting a new journey into healthy eating my new favorite cake is beefcake....

authors: Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, Arnold Kotler, Dean Koontz, Stephen King

movie:Blow, Good Fellas, Just Friends

magazine:Bon Appetit

newspaper:Tribune Review

tv show:DR 90210

website: MySpace, Goo Goo Dolls, Absolute Goo, Pogo, Google, Yahoo, This one;) , Criss Angel, South Beach

radio station:None

font:Times New Roman

cartoon character:Beavis and Butthead

artist (painter):Rembrant

actor: Adam Sandler, Johnny Depp, Ray Liotta, Rob Schnieder, Chris Farley,

actress: Meg Ryan, Resse Witherspoon

cd:Depends on mood

song:Depends on my mood

music group: Goo Goo Dolls, Winger, Bon Jovi

music type: All kinds sooo varied

day of the week: they're all the same

month:Like them all

holiday: All of them

shampoo: Pantene,Paul Mitchell

conditioner:Pantene, Paul Mitchell

number: 7

store:Macys, Marshalls, Kaufmans

restaurant:Small Bistros

channel:none really

weekend activity:depends if I work or not, Actually when I am off I stiil have no life!!haha

hangout: none

house color: white with burgandy shutters

sport to watch: none

sport to play:none

animal:cats, macaws

flower:roses, orchids

board game: Would you rather

party game: *******

body part: eyes, boobs, smile
perfume: Opium, Fendi,Glow,Cinnabar,5th Avenue


been on a train: Yes.

been on a plane: yes

been in a car accident: yes

caused a car accident: one

run into a wall:usually if I'm drinking they just kinda run into me!

almost burned the house down:No I'm way too OCD to let that happen

been drunk: yup

broken the law: yup

burned a cd: nope

kissed someone of the opposite sex: yes

kissed someone of the same sex: yes

frenched an animal:I can honestly say no

had cyber sex: no

gotten engaged:yes 3 times

had an online relationship:not really

been rejected by a crush: yes

loved: yes

made yourself cry to get out of trouble: I think so

cried in public: yes

cried over a movie: yes

fallen asleep in a movie theater: no

given someone a bath: yup

been to a boarding school: nope

been home-schooled: nope,home school the kids though

lost a valuable item:yes

bungee jumped: **** NO!!!!!!

skied:long time ago

met the president: no

met a celebrity: quite a few

gotten a cavity: yup

whiten your teeth: every month

shopped at abercrombie & fitch:yes

made a prank call:I still do that

skipped school: yup

purchased something that you knew didn't fit: Yeah i have in hopes that it would one day fit:o

climbed a tree:no I was way too girly

fallen from a tree:no

broken a bone:skull, tailbone, finger, 2 toes

sprained anything: yup

passed out: I fainted a few times.

made yourself pass out: again....Why would I do that?

been to disney world:no

been to a theme park (not disney): a few

said i love you and meant it (not to a relative): yes

made a model volcano (working model): no

made a clover leaf with your tounge: no


what did you do yesterday:cleaned, played on the computer, cooked, weeded the gardens, went swimming, laundry

memory you miss the most:The ones I can't remember

memory you want to forget: 90% my first marriage

something you regretted after it was done:gotten really drunk...hangovers SUCK!!!!!!!!


song you heard:2 Days in Feburary

cd you bought:Goo Goo Dolls~~Let Love In

thing you said:Stop it!!!

time you cried:About 2 months ago

movie seen in a theater:Monster in Law

thing you ate:Sugar free fudgecicle

person who called:Chris

nail polish shade worn:Ruby

time you showered: This morning

person who complimented you:Yesterday on myspace received a few

what are you listening to:Everybody Loves Raymond

what are you wearing: jamma bottoms and t shirt

what are you thinking: that this thing is never going to end....

what are you scared of most: something happening to my kids,midgets, mice,not losing this weight

how many people are on your buddy list:20 or so but on myspace 213

occupation:CNA, homemaker, student

marriage site:Justice of the Peace for both of them Youngwood, Harrison City

honeymoon: did not have

place to live:Southern California

kids:4 Leah 16, Dan 13, Dylan5, Madison 3

car: Dodge Caravan

what are you doing tomorrow: Hopefully following my South Beach Phase 1 plan sucessfully, swimming with the kids, and just enjoying the day!!

will there be a wwIII: eventually

will politics ever be truthful: hahahahahaha

will humanity snuff itself out: eventually

can the gov. be changed: I doubt it


best friend:Eilene She was killed
silliest: Leah, Kayla
quietest: Lori
craziest:actually I think that would have to be me!
best secret keeper:Leah
worst secret keeper:Sue
most hyper:Kayla
hottest: Tony
biggest pervert:All my guy friends are;)
most religious:Rose



****: yes



god: yes



ghosts: yes

spirit (soul): yes

soulmates: somewhat

reincarnation: Yes.

love at first sight: yes

karma: yes

love in general: yes

luck: yes

yourself: sometimes


who and when was your first crush: Michael Edinger~~ kindergarten

any now:yes

a celebrity crush:John Rzeznik,Kip Winger, Jon Bon Jovi, Criss Angel

who do you want to be with right now:no one enjoying me time right now

whos number do you want: Johnny Rzeznik

who do you want to kiss:Johnny Rzeznik

what is something you dont understand about the opposite sex:
Why they say they're gonna call, when they know damn well they're not going to.

if you could go on a date with anybody--Johnny Rzeznik!!!!!!!!

on scale of one to ten, how romantic are you:10

first thing noticed about the opposite sex: hair, eyes, teeth

what do you look for personality-wise: honesty,non violent

biggest turn on:honesty and a guy who is not afraid to show his emotions

Physically?:I can usually find something attractive in anyone

biggest turn off: big egos, women haters, arrogance, liars,those who play mind games, mean spirited people

something they wear that turns you on:expensive cologne does it to me every time!!!!!

something they wear that turns you off:nail polish

the most romantic thing you want to happen to you:getting married on the beach at sunset

the most romantic thing that has happened to you:roses sent

what do you wear on a coffee date: I've never been on a "coffee date"

is it right to flirt if you're taken:yes, well depend on what kind of flirting

is cyber sex cheating? I'm not really sure whats involved never done that

are eyes the passegeway to the soul: yes

who would you like to take to the prom: hahaha...I'm wayyyy past the prom!

do you want to hug somebody right now:yes


what color is your jacket: which one?

what color is your razor: green

what size is your bed:Queen

what color crayon would you be: purple

what are the last four digits of you phone number: 0281

feelings on abortion: It's a womans right to choose. But for me no!

how long does it take you to shower: 15/20 mins

who do you trust the most:no one every body seems to hide something. I'm not being negative thats just how it seems to be.

is cussing a necessity in life: yeah

how about coffee:Yes every day --black favorite Starbucks

is the world screwed:yes for the most part

what something you cant live without: my kids

what time did you fall asleep: last night? 4 am

can you live without a microwave: I did before everyone had one..its called a stove.

what do think about death: It's going to happen sooner or later

do you want to drop out of school: no

why is the sky blue: something to do with the environment or the atmosphere

what is a good trait about yourself: I'm a good listener...honest

what do you always think about:weight, bills, money, kids

what is wrong with your school:sooo expensive

what is right with your school: ........Top Rate Education

how do you react to change: i get nervous

do you talk to yourself: Yup

can you afford to lose weight: How much does it cost?? Yes that is why i am here!!!

what color would you dye your hair: Currently it is red

best thing anyone told you? You are very lucky you should be dead!

does being psycho appeal to you: uh, no

if you wrote a book, what would it be about: Lifes Lessons

what would you change your name to: Mrs. Johnny Rzeznik;)

Celebrity Crushes~~Kip Winger, Jon Bon Jovi, Johnny Rzeznik at least 17 years!! Ouch and newest one Criss Angel~~Woo Hoo oh baby!!

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