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Originally Posted by Sweater Girl
Ilene, I saw in last month's thread that you did the 10K last weekend. How did you find it? A lot of people at work and I know through running participated, they wished they coralled the runners better and that there were more water stations. I went and saw my DF run the half marathon on Sunday... That weather was brutal, way too hot... I went in the shade and rested when I could.
Ali, yes I did run, I enjoyed the run and surprisingly being surounded by 4000 people didn't bother me. My time was horrible though 1:13 I did better in my very first race which was a 10k 2 years ago! But I will blame it on the heat and the race being held at 6:30PM. I was definitely tired after a full day of shopping and I do not do well in heat at the best of times. I also didn't sleep well the night before because of the excietment I guess ... YES there definitely could have been more water stations!! There was one at the 5k point and one at the 8k, I think it was... There should have been some at the very least every 2k... You say that your friends said that "they wished they coralled the runners better", I'm not sure what you mean ... But all in all it was a great experience and I will definitely do it again next year but I will bring a water bottle ...
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