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Deb, my doc didn't give me my first fill until I was 4 months out. I was so angry because although I was losing weight, I was fighting it and doing it on my own, the band was not restricted what so ever. Doc said as long as I was losing he wasn't gonna fill me.... SOOOOOO!!!! I decided to gain....yep, 2 lbs and then finally he gave me my first fill. That was in febuary and I was banded in october.

I waited exactly one month inbetween each fill because I did want to go slow and I was afraid of jumping the gun. I have read that some times fills take a while to kick in so I wanted to be sure. I'm going back in June (16th) for another, so that will put me at 2.0.

I can eat ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!! at this point its just that I want to do this slowly and if that means not losing so fast than thats okay. I also have to learn to mentally be ready to give up my first love and thats food.

I'm working both sides of phycho street here and its tough.

I've only lost 40 lbs since october 25th but I"m really okay with that, I'll do better once I start exercising too lol. 55 more to go

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