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My weekend has been very busy. My mom and I are working hard to sell my grandmother’s house. It is right next door and there is so much stuff to go through and clean. It is soooo emotional, and it’s so outdated and everything seems to be a challenge! So this weekend was hectic. I still live at home, and I’m the only one on a diet. SO I am constantly surrounded by bad foods (I wont list the insane foods for Heather’s and all our benefits), and I have to watch everyone eat them all the time. Sometimes my mom forgets, and I end up with no dinner, and then find my dad has taken my healthy stuff to work with him!! Grrrrr. I bought myself some nice rice cakes to eat, since they are on my plan and they are sooo good, and my brother was home all weekend, and ate them all. I don’t even know how he did it!!

I tried Atkins too and lost a lot fast. But I hated it. I was so miserable on that diet, it killed me. I am a picky eater and red meat is not my favorite and I don’t like eggs or cheese so it was difficult. I realized, when I was taking bacon, cold, in a bag to school for my lunch, and the bag was all white and greasy—ewww, that it wasn’t for me.

I like this new plan but I can’t quite seem to get to the gym yet. I picked up the recent copy of People magazine with some women in it who had lost the amount of weight I plan to lose. They had a schedule on there for a typical day. It was like “Well, I get up at 5 am, work out, have a piece of lettuce, work out, take the kids to school, have some flaxseed powder, teach a spinning class, eat 3 peanuts…” So on and so forth!! I was like Ohhh right. I could soooo do that, if I had an iron will and each day was 72 hours long! Geesh!

, Nice to meet you and good work so far. I am still trying to get exercising but thus far that hasn’t happened. I am still doing good and losing weight, but that extra hour and a half of sleep in the morning is my greatest temptation thus far. Welcome and so nice to meet you!!

Ok, bed time or else!!


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