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Hi Heather, (I just picked up on everyone highlighting names in bold). Thanks for replying to my questions. I'll try to not to mention any particular "bad" foods so not to trigger a craving for you. I can completely relate. I usually get cravings from watching fast food commercials on TV. It's the whole visual thing for me, I guess. And get this... I love watching the food network!! Emeril, Rachel Ray, and Alton. No wonder how I got to this weight! I'll watch it, cook it, and then eat it!!! Too bad it doesn't happen like that if we talk about broccoli or celery, huh? Oh well.

So, what's this booty shelf you mentioned? Do you mean you want to lose it or you want to see it? My particular body shape (and all the women in my family) have absolutely no booty!! We all have the flat non extistent types. I hope that I have at least some roundness hiding in there underneath the fat!

I'm going to start my plan (as usual) on Monday. However, I need to go grocery shopping today to stock up on my healthy foods. I've pretty much eaten through my cupboards and fridge these past couple weeks. We had some severe rain storms and flooding up here in NH/MA area, so I haven't made it to the grocery store in a few weeks. I weighed myself today and luckily I didn't gain, but I want to start losing again. I'm going to count calories and drink tons of water. I've been a member of ediets since September and they recommend I stay between 1500-1700 calories a day.

Well, I'm off to shop. I'll check in with you ladies later. Dusty, how is your weekend going?

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