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Originally Posted by Glory87
When I decided to change my life, I carefully looked at my previous weight loss attempts to see why I kept failing. I noticed that I could lose weight but I could not keep weight off. This time, I concentrated on long term maintenance from from day 1. I had to give up that crazy idea I had been clinging to since high school - if you cut calories and lose weight, you can cut MORE calories and lose MORE weight. That fallacy is what made me go from a 140 lb high school student to a 200 lb 35 year old. Dieting made me fat.
Thanks for your inspirational posts and I too will look carefully and try to plan out my journey. Yes I think your right about the dieting made me fat. I've been dieting since I was 18 yrs old and I'm 54 now at 315 lbs. Well I better get buzy and look over my past, present and future to set this plan in motion.

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