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Hi Dusty and Heather, thanks for stopping in. I've been wandering this site for a month now trying to find a nice little niche for myself to settle into. Everyone is so friendly and supportive on here that I am just dying to get involved somewhere. It can be intimidating to just join in an existing thread though. So, that's why I'm glad us newbies can start together here before we venture out in the big threads. We'll get the hang of it together.

So, let's learn some things about one another. Here are some starter questions:
1. What diet plan are you currently on?
2. What do you find motivates you the most?
3. What can I do to help you stay on track?

My answers:
1. I'm currently not on any diet plan. I've tried just about everything out there. What I've learned is that I already know what's good to eat and what's bad to eat. It's just a matter of doing it and sticking to it!
2. Accountability is the most important motivator for me (which is exactly why I want to set up a support group on here).
3. I want to be able to share my ups and downs with people who know what I'm going through, who can understand where I'm coming from. Like a recovering alcoholic goes to AA meetings. You know what I mean? I want someone to pat me on the back for my good days and help put me back on track on my bad days.

Now let's hear from you. Any newbies lurking around out there--come on in!! We're new at it too, don't be intimidated. Welcome!

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