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There isn't an exact definition. We're flexible We get a lot of newbies that may have 5, 10, 20 pounds to lose, and they may have different needs in regards to support. Not always, and we do encourage everyone to spread themselves around here because everyone has something to offer But we've also had several requests for a forum for those that would be geared towards losing just a few pounds, whether it's all you have to lose, or if you have lost a lot and are down to those last few pounds that are hardest to lose.

I think "few" is subjective. It's partly based on your own comfort level and if you personally feel that you have a few pounds to lose in comparison to other dieters.

I created this forum late last night (midnight) and Jennifer had an "about this forum" post that she had written and was going to copy here, but she fell asleep before I sent her the email to say it was up. She'll be online tonight and will make the post that will explain it further.
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