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Hi Ledom,
It looks like you and me so far! Maybe others will pick up the challenge in a little while.

I did the broomstick workout last night and boy do I feel it this morning! I love that feeling when you know you worked your muscles. I'm a strong believer in working abs every day but different areas of the abs. Like obliques one day then upper abs and lower abs or combinations of the exercises so that I don't get bored. What do you think? I plan on doing some ab work every day. I'm a little afraid though, that it will cause my stomach to look bigger with all the fat that's covering my abs ! I think I'm going to start doing more cardio. What do you do for cardio and how often do you do cardio? I guess the only way to see the muscles is to burn the fat right? Okay I'll check back later. Keep crunching!
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