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That's crap hunnybee-nothing can make it so that you'll never be able to lose weight again-don't listen to those people.
What we eat and how we move is the determining factor, with or without any pill, and unless you have a medical condition, any of us can change our metabolic rate with some effort. That's why all diet pills come with a "used in combination with diet and exercise" disclaimer.
No pill is going to do it for you-we all know that. But I've found in the past that it really did help give you a "boost" like giving you the energy to be able to start an exercise program, and helping to eat alot less without feeling starved. I've use it more than once, and did not gain back until I got pregnant again, and that's MY fault, because I've used pregnancy as an excuse to sit on my butt and eat whatever I wanted. If sitting on our butts and eating whatever we want is the plan, then of course we will be heavy, and you can't use it to lose weight and then go back to McDonald's every day, but for alot of people it does work!
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