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Originally Posted by wndranne
Ilene, only you can decide if you are holding yourself back. But a couple of things to consider--we all have some genetic potential for how fast we can run, and while we can all improve, for most of us there will always be faster people. Some of them are a lot older. So older women will pass you. Older women pass my DH and he's a 3 hour marathoner! Congrats to those older women. Also, sometimes a "well-rounded" person isn't the fastest runner. The more you concentrate on one sport the better you'll be at it. So is it worth giving up your core work to get in another run? Probably not for us recreational folks, but only you can make that call.

So having said that, are you too hard on yourself? Only you can make that call. But remember, it is supposed to be fun! Have fun! What good is it if it isn't fun?
Thank you Anne I appreciate your insight and I do realize there will always be someone better than me, DANG it all ... Today I ran hills on the new dreadmills at the gym and I really enjoyed it ... Maybe I am a bit hard on myself and I do want to improve , so I WILL keep plugging at it and ENJOY it every second of the way. Something I must say, is that the girl we run with always stresses that this is for FUN and maybe on Thursday she could sense that I wasn't having fun on this particular run and she was trying to find out what was bothering me, ans since I am not much of a talker or talk of my emotions I am a difficult person to read and she was trying to get me tho think of what is going on with myself... It may be that I haven't been eating as well as I should, not working out as often because I am working more hours, I am not drinking my water as much....She made me think anyways and thinking of improving oneself is always good in my book...
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