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Thanks so much everybody for the kind words!! It makes me feel better to know, that I am not crazy for feeling this way about myself!!

Im A Loser......I so totally agree with you!! And no, ur not alone hon!! The other day, I chose someone at the bar that I thought looked like me, and then I asked my hubby to find a person that he thought looked close to me in size. We were both way off from each other!!! I chose this gal who he thought was twice my size, and he chose a gal who I thought was way more skinnier than I!!! We argued about it, lol, as most couples do. And finally, I decided to agree with him, cuz he never gives up!! But this gal was really skinny, and so pretty!! I was amazed that he thought I looked like that!! So, naturally, like a mad woman, I followed that gal to the bathroom, and compaired myself to her while we waited to potty!! LOL, YUP IM CRAZY!!! She laughed at me, and said that I must be blind, cuz she too thought I was skinny. OK, so someday I will see it!! But how cool to know that I am not alone!!! And that I am not crazy!! Thanks again for your kind words!! It really has made me feel better about myself!! I only hope that after my TT surgery in June, I will be able to "see" the real me again. I wish I wasnt so hard on myself!! But I am, so somebody please KICK ME!! ha ha ha

PunchBuggy......HELLS YEAH!!!! I love ur avatar!!!!!!!! Orllando is such a HUNK!!!!! I will be stalking ur pic now, just so I can look at him!!! ha ha ha
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