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Yeah to May

Well it's almost time for those swimsuits so that means POP for me.

COD is refunding me my money from a check that they accidently sent to my bank, and they are also giving $125 of store credit

Bad News I was planning on taking my dog to dog obdience classes starting this sunday when I took him to the vet. they told me he had heart worms
I left the vet's office in tears. I am going to give him the treatments which will cost around $500 dollars. He is only 1 and 1/2 so good chances that we can get rid of them. Petsmart was nice enough to allow me to change my start date for obdience classes in June.

Katie: I am an animal love myself I know how tough it is to lose an animal, they become very close to your heart and become part of your family. I too am having animal probelms my dog with the heartworms. I had a cat that I had for 13 years who dies last summer of age and it just tore me to shreds. Everytime I see a cat that looks like here I feel tears in my eyes.

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