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Hooray for May!

Well, I am going to abandon TO this round...sorry Sznn! I got on the scale this morning and was 160.5. BEFORE I left for NY, I was 163. I was also on TOM, but I am figuring I lost the water of TOM and then maintained. We did a ton of walking all over the city, so that probably helped. It's just bizarre...Deets and Sznn, maybe in order to drop a few you should go on vacation and eat what you want! LOL. I know that sometimes things have a way of catching up with you in the long run...I would still not be surprised to see a gain in a day or two. It was nice to not go majorly up like I thought I would. I am back on the shakes and will be POP all day.

I've also decided to go back to my COD. I figure since we're moving in 4 weeks, I may like my new COD in San Diego a lot better. And if I just buy 4 more weight loss weeks, then I won't lose my year of maintenance that I already paid that's the plan for now.

Here's my new goal...POP every day, not one cheat, for 4 weeks. At the end of that 4 weeks, I am starting stabilization and buying all new pants/skirts/shorts. I bought a ton of shirts this weekend, but still need to lose a few before I buy for the bottom half of me. My goal is 8 more pounds by Memorial Day weekend...

Have a great POP day...too much to catch up on personals!

Love you all!
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