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Good morning my chickies -

Stiesta - Glad you had a great trip - hopefully the scale won't be too evil for you!! Congrats on the wonderful NSV of size 8's - that is sooo wonderful!!!

Boo - So sorry that evil scale hasn't moved yet - hopefully when it does - it will be an exciting move downward.....

Aggie - like that thought new month, new may - new attitude - let's go chickies!!!

Katie - Girly, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! I'm so sorry you are still worried your friend would be mad. Hopefully in your heart you will realize after the hurt that she truly doesn't hold it against you and knows it is an accident!!! Good luck with TOM coming and going quick - Hopefully you will be at goal when you finally do your after challenge weigh in - wow - it is hard to believe you guys have been doing this for 5 weeks or longer......

I'm only on my 4th day of shakes - and well, not to thrilled with them really - tried blending with banana yesterday and it was different, but haven't quite mastered "good" yet. something about the aftertaste - UGH!! any suggestions?

Carmen _ how did your shake experiment go this weekend? Did it work was it good?

Well girlies - lots of work to do. I wasn't too OP yesterday - but we had a very busy day. I need to do some lemon water today for sure!!!!

check in w/ ya later!!!
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