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good morning chickies!

Its been awhile!I have just been, well, depressed!I dont really know whats wrong with me.I think its the sabatogeing of my weight loss!Today I am starting fresh with my attitude.I have 4 week till my surgery so I am going full force for the next 4 weeks.I went to my COD saturday to get the slimdowns.I didnt want to cause they are mopre money than the slimfast BUT I really like the slimdowns better and the slimfast are kinda grossing me out right now. So, I bought 3 4 packs of the slimdowns.Hopefully after these I can tolerate going back to the slimfast.I have never been crazy about the slimfast taste.I was just tolerating it because they were so much cheaper!

Anyway,one good thing the COD told me.Since I am having surgury they are putting my weeks on hold for 4 weeks!! Whooohooo.4 extra weeks to lose my weight(I am going to 150).My doctor said after I get home after surgery he said I can continue with my diet.He just said watch fatty foods.

I had a NSV this weekend.I went to walmart and tried 8's in ALL the clothes I tried on.Everything fit!! Whooohoooo.I am hoping when I go to 150 I will be able to wear 6's!I have yet to brave the swimsuits!!

I am doing my TO today and tomorrow.Have a POP day!

A big HELLO to all the newbies!!

My thought and prayers are with you Katie.Sorry to hear about your bird!!

I am now posted in the right forum!!lol
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