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sassy-please keep us posted on how much you lose! What dosage are you on? I got my prescription the other day, and am having it filled. My small town pharmacy doesn't carry it in stock, so I am waiting for it to come in (I'm getting 3 months worth so I don't have to wait again). I've done Atkin's for the last month, hence the 20 lb loss already, but am having some problems because of it, so I don't know if I'll continue the plan after I get my meds.

I have used phen in the past and was lucky enough to not gain the weight back, atleast not until I got pregnant again. Pregnancy has been my yo-yo for weight gain 3 times, and my excuse to hog out relentlessly. It's important to remember that phen supresses appetite, and that's why lots of people gain when they stop taking it. Once you've lost the weight, your caloric needs are less simply because you are smaller, and if you eat like you normally did at a heavier weight, you are sure to gain it back.
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