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Happy Halloween, everyone. This is a very busy time of year for me. My grandfather's birthday is Oct. 29, my mom and son's birthdays are Oct. 30 and my grandmother's birthday is Oct. 31. I have been trying to get all my birthday presents in the mail and phone calls made. Then, must try to arrange for candy and stuff for the kids tonight and study for another stats exam tonight. Whew! Today's the last day and I can hardly wait. I know that I gain weight when I am under stress, but some weeks the stress doesn't stop.

Jo - Read your post and wonder how you get everything done that you need to do. I admire you for all the community service things that you do. They make a difference. About the kitchen - you really want to do this, do you? If you are having second thoughts, I could send you a picture of my kitchen - cupboards in the middle of the floor, cupboard contents laid on anything that will hold them, a layer of drywall dust on everything (gives a gritty texture to everything we eat), piles of wood in the family room, etc. We didn't have much choice with a water leak, but decided to do the whole thing at once. It is truly a disaster area at the moment. Good luck in your reno and keep us informed.

CJ - I had to chuckle when I saw your post with the soup. The night before you posted I picked up the magazine because of the diet soup advertised on the cover. I got detoured at the Christmas truffles and individual cheese cakes. Haven't tried the soup, but I am going to do so this week. I'm glad you have given it great reviews. I have tried and few other diet soup recipes that have not been all that favorable.

You mentioned before that we were once at about the same weight. I should let you know that I have a weight problem related to stress. When I started gaining (about 15 years ago), I had a terribly stressful job and would put on 10 pounds in a day, then another 10 pounds a couple of days later. I was unhappy at the job, so changed jobs after about 30 pounds. I was totally baffled by the big weight gains, in particular, when my eating habits had not changed and I had never had any kind of weight problem before. Over time, I discovered that the gains coincided with stressful times that I was unable to control, unfortunately that was when I was carrying 66 extra pounds and feeling a whole lot like a blimp. Thennnn, I read an article about some people who produce a chemical that shuts down their metabolism when they are under stress. I took the article to my doctor, who has done some research on the subject over the past two years and in the past year discovered that I am one such person. I joined this web site a year ago, but was not mentally committed to the pains required to lose weight until this past July. Something just clicked that gave me this great desire to be a normal weight once again. Once I was truly ready to commit to a weight loss program, we decided that WW would be the best for me. One of his conditions is that I check in with him immediately if I am under enough stress that the weight gain starts up again.

Well, this week has not been good in the stress department, but I have egged the problem on with a buffet that I went to last night. By this morning, I am now 5 pounds higher than Monday. I'm not feeling very good about it, but will be going to the doctor if I notice any more weight gain this week.

I think with the weight gain associated with large amounts of weight gain, I also think that the same problem, once under control, has contributed to being able to lose large amounts consistently. I have been lucky, but must constantly watch what and how I eat.

KimV - So glad to hear that you and Chad are at least talking. Hopefully, you will be able to work things out and sort out some of the problems. You do need to seek professional help to decide what is best for you and Hannah, though. When a child is involved, it makes the problem more complex. Hugs...

Sylvia - So good to hear from you. Glad your mother-in-law and her brother are doing better. It takes a load off when you know that things are working out. Glad to hear about the weight loss - let us know how much as soon as you weigh in.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween, and eat an apple if you feel the urge. LOL
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