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Happy Halloween!!!
Hope everyone is well. I've been sick and manage to loose another 2 lbs, so now I've lost 4 lbs!!!
I took a tour of the old Waverly Hills Sanitorium here in Louisville, Kentucky. Most people went because it was haunted. But I went because I love old building, houses and the architecture. This building was erected back in the 20's and has a lot of history in it. It's a beautiful old hospital and it's ashame they let this decay to what it is today. It sits on top of a hill and one could see many miles of Louisville. Luckily someone is trying to restore it to what it use to be.

CJ- we have a travel trailer, but we have yet to winterize it. We were suppose to go down to Mammoth Caves this past weekend for our last camping trip but I got sick Friday. Gave it to hubby and we stayed in bed until Sunday! We enjoy camping alot! But my husband says he experiences to much wind when pulling the trailer and it sways alot. He is wanting to turn our van in to get a duelie. Maybe before next summer. The fifth wheels always tell us they dont' experience the swaying.

Peggy-beautiful poem and it's so true!!

Sassy Sharon-Beautiful family. If I run across where that bridge is I'll let you know. A little age has made my mind a little forgetful now and then!!!lol.

Sweet Tooth -congradulations on the weight loss. I do agree with eating until your full. That is hard to do and I too have gotten better at it. Especially at restaurants. My husband gets upsets when I ask for a doggie bag. But I don't care. I usually only eat half then I save it for later or the next day when I do feel hungry. And I find I eat a lot less in the day.

Kim-hang in there. But most of all don't let anyone let you take the blame for something that isn't your fault. It's not your fault if he didn't go to work. As a mother, I guess I can understand why your mother worries. But that's just a part of being a mom. Money matters do make a lot of couples argue. Maybe there's a family counselor or sometime of support group that might help you too or perhaps your church. I know when I was going through a divorce many years again, my church said they would help if I needed groceries or rent money.I just think you probably have a full plate to deal with right now and trying to keep sane at the same time. It's hard doing it alone.

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! My little one, Christian is Cinderella two years in the running. I think I am taking her to my boss's church for games and stuff. So have fun everyone.
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