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Hi all! Just a quick check-in. Don't seem to have much time these days. What's up with that? Am I getting old or something?? Nah. Can't be that.

Spent last night stuffing candy bags for Halloween. Every year the VFW fills bags of candy for the local police department to hand out to kids for Halloween. We broke our old record by stuffing 1200 bags in 44 minutes. What a mad house!!! And I'm pleased to report that very little of it ended up in my mouth! Couldn't help myself in some cases. There was some candy there that I used to eat as a kid and didn't even know they made it any more! There was a photographer from the local paper there so I'm waiting to see if I'm famous.

Sweet Tooth, thanks for the great story!! I'm going to borrow that for our company newsletter I think. I'm just about done this month's issue and needed something to fill a bit of space on page 4. This will work great. And I'm going to take a bit of advice from it for myself too. I can just picture all those daffodils!! Hm, starts me thinking about next year's gardening too.....

Meanwhile, I've been mapping out plans for a new kitchen. Poor Rich didn't know what he was in for when he agreed to redo the kitchen. We've got plans to knock out a wall and a few other "minor" changes. Could be frightening. I've borrowed some books from the local library on painting and decorating. This could get very very interesting (and messy!!).

Well, as I said, I'm swamped here so I'm going to sign off. Some of us are going out for Chinese food today at lunch so I'm already drinking gallons of water trying to combat all that sodium. Hope it helps.

Hope you all have a great day!
Much love, Jo
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