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Glenda: Congraulations on the new grandson! Really like that name to!
I still have 10 pounds to go to get to goal. Im stuck again. But I have been measuring myself monthly and I am losing inches like crazy. Almost ready for a new size. So it keeps me going!

Donna: Sorry to hear that Craig and Tanya house was broken into. Im sure she is spooked. Thats a scary thing to have happen. I know I would be scared. Not fun to move tho.

Peggy: Send him! House is ready to paint! You gamble like me. I go with my 20$ and thats it. Its fun but I always have a hard time spending any more than that. Got better things to do with my money. Course I never win either. But my 20$ lasts a long time!

Karen: Sorry you are so sick. You go crawl in that bed and stay there.
Pneumonia is nothing to to play around with. You take care of yourself. Lets us know what the DR says. Hope it isnt Pneumonia. Where are you going on your vacation?
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