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Hi all,
Been reading the boards quickly each day or so just haven't had time to post. Well now I do as I am sick again. Pretty sure I have pneumonia. Well see the doctor today to conferm that. I also have a wonderful case of laryngitis. I usually have it at least twice a year. So this must be the first. I'm not feeling real bad just tired. Partly because I'm not sleeping.

I worked yesterday two meetings about a 120 miles round trip from home. Got to drive home in the snow fall we are having. The snow fall is supposed to last until Friday.

Maria so glad to hear of your weight drop. ** happy dance for you. Stay out of the water ! Sharks

Dee so glad your DD is doing better. Enjoy your house keeper. When I was a teenager we lived in Pamama we had a lady who came in 3 times a week and did the cleaning, ironing and dishes. It was wonderful. My mother, to this day misses that woman. Me too I was spoiled rotten for 3 years.

Geri keep us posted on the progress your group makes. I truely beleive that any diet works as long as you work the program. It just so happens that WW is the one that I was able to make work for me. Good luck.

The month of febuary always seems to go by so fast. This is good as We leave on March the 10th for our winter getaway. I'm looking forward to getting out of this snow.

Well I'm goinG to try and go back to bed for a while. I'll check in later.
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