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donna p
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Mornin' all - This last week has just flow by but I want to take a few minutes to catch up on the board. If I don't then I will be too far behind again.

First of all - congratulations to all the losers. You are doing good and it gives me such inspiration.

Oh Dee I could use your housekeeper but I probably would want to work right along side of her. I always feel I can't ask people to do what I wouldn't do but I guess if I was feely punky like you I would just love to have the help. Looking after yourself is the most important thing.

I wish we had that CD here too. We are always the last to get stuff like that.

Glenda you will be so excited when the baby comes. It will be adorable no matter whether boy or girl.

Craig and Tanya had their place broken into and robbed a few weeks ago so Tanya insisted on moving so this weekend we will all be helping them move into their new digs. Hopefully some of that exercise will burn up some calories..

Well I got to go do some housework and I'm off to yoga tonight. later all........donna