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Wow, Slavika going to Hawaii has really slowed down our message board. I think she is the stirrer with her stories, don't you?

Well, my son called yesterday with the news of his child's sex--a boy. I tried not to sound disappointed, just wanted a granddaughter so bad. Surely the next time. I have 3 sons and soon will have my 3rd grandson. We are about due. Anyway, after talking to him, I realized how extremely cocky he is about his boy. He took the revealing ultrasound to work and showed it to his fellow coaches and got a lot of high-5's. Men! My older son with the two little boys is going to buy "The Book" before they try for another, hoping for advice on how to conceive a girl. Is there a book like this? Anyway, I am getting excited about this baby. He should be special because both his parents are pretty special. His name will be Austen or Auston? Cole. Cool name.

Maria, congratulations on the loss. Wish we could get that program. If you find yourself slipping, you can always go back to WW. Today we have sunshine and forecast of 68 degrees. So ready for a little warmth and sun. Our basketball team flew for the first time since the tragedy to Lincoln, NE and got there safely. It has been so cold and gloomy here that we are ready for some of your sun.

Lily - how are you doing? How much more do you have to go to goal? You are an inspiration to us all because of your steady progress.
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