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G'day all

Just letting you know that I will not be attending anymore ww meetings. I received (read bought) the ww cd yesterday and it is excellent. It has all the information and much more than I would ever hope to get at a ww meeting. Don't get me wrong, I think the meetings are great for some, I just happen to have had a fairly ordinary leader and because of my lifestyle (travelling a fair bit) the cd loaded on my laptop is just excellent. It has a journal and automatically calculates the points I have for the day, a facility to easily work out the points of a favourite recipe and a huge data base with all the points for the most common foods available in Australia. DH and I are doing this together (he only needs to loose 5 pounds ). I have never shared any of the ww information with him but it is making the journey much easier having his support and his understanding of the program.
I know the cd is not available in the States nor in Canada, I really feel you should try and persuade your local ww organisation to make it available.
Dee I don't know if you would like the jacket I am knitting, it is a bit like Joseph's coat of many colours My daughter loves anything a little unusual (slightly eccentric )hence she wanted me to knit her 'own' design, with lots of different colours and textures. I am not looking forward to sewing it up, there are so many threads that have to be sewn in
Still very hot here today, bushfires under control in this state but in Western Australia there are some fires burning out of control . It has been a very hot summer, winter is looking pretty good at this stage.
Have a great day all.

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