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Dee, so glad that your DD is doing better. Bless her heart, she has had a rough time. Glad you have a housekeeper too. Remember, it is her job to clean for you----not yours to clean for her. Let her do the things you just despise. (of course for me that would be all housework).

Maria, I like to knit too. Havent done any for about 4 years. Have you ever considered a knitting machine to do the back and sleeves (when they are plain stockinette stich) and save the handwork for the fronts and design areas? When do they expect to get the fire under control?

First Place uses an exchange list that is very similar to the diet Jean Neiditch (sp?) originally stole from the New York City Health department. It is virtually the same plan without the emphasis on fish and liver. I compare First Place to a Christian Weight Watchers before they started fooling around with points. It is very much like the old selection plan without any of the sugar. We have to commit to no sugar during the weight loss portion. I start tomorrow so I ate about a half pound (maybe more) of homemade fudge last night. I know that with the support I will get with my First Place group that I will be able to stay on track. Besides, I am the leader so I have to stay honest. It was my way of forcing myself to be honest for 13 weeks. I will keep you posted as to my progress.

Glenda, I know this week has been brutal for you. I hope that your school recovers from this grief weekly.

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