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G'day all,

My news is worthy of starting a new thread
I have lost 2.6 this week.
I am really pleased there has finally been a shift in this very persistent weight of mine.

Good to see you back Glenda, I can imagene you would have not been in much of a mood to post here this past week or so. Shame you cannot attend your son's wedding, particularly seeing you are (and he is I guess )so thrilled with his choice.

Regarding elective surgery, the exact same applies here, unless you are privately insured you can have whatever surgery immediately otherwise there is a long wait.

Another very hot day, more knitting today
The only reason I am able to knit on these very hot days is because our house is fully air conditioned and half the time I am unaware how hot it is until I move outside
We are a little concerned about our swims now, there have been about 5 shark attacks this summer, one shark was spotted just off 'our' beach yesterday
Going to Singapore in 2 weeks time, more heat but different scenery!
Have a great day all.

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