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low carbing in Oz
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S/C/G: 85/73/65kg


USERNAME/REAL NAME: rach3kids/Rachel
AGE: 38

BIRTHDAY: 03/24/1968



CHILDREN/AGES: twin girls - Jemma Lily & Pia Ashley 6 years old
boy- Jacob 3 years old

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Internet, reading, gym, catching up with friends as often as possible

PETS: some fish in our backyard pond

TOP WEIGHT: 87kg (190lb)

CURRENT WEIGHT: 73kg (160lb)

GOAL WEIGHT: 65kg (143lb)

HEIGHT: 5'7"

EYE COLOR: Blue/green

HAIR COLOR: dyed chocolate brown


GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Perth, Werstern Australia

E-MAIL ADDRESS: Rather not share in public


WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Im a compulsive eater also and eat mindlessly all the time. I dont seem to feel full until Im bursting at the seems, then I can always fit a bit more chocolate ! Im a carb addict but have only just realised what my problem is, just thought I was weak willed

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: Its been a 2 year stuggle to lose the weight I have, I attribute that to working out in the gym. I love excercise now and as Im getting fitter and smaller I can work ut harder. Its only recently Ive been able to get a handle on my eating, and thats been just eating fewer carbs. I get such vicious carb craving when I eat too many carbs I find it a much smoother ride to avoid them if I can.
ANYTHING ELSE TO ADD:I was only dx last year. I had no problems with fertility and my periods were regular just a little longer (35 day cycle,heavy). My symptoms have been excess hair which started at about 15,abdominal obesity, IR, skin tags, thinning hair.Its so great to have been able to find a name for what I have been struggling with my whole adult life. I felt like a freak, I have had to shave my beard area on my face daily for 20 years. My stomach got so huge I looked 7 months pregnant.I felt ugly and unfeminine. At least I know what Im trying to treat now. I found a great doc who dx me, he put me on Met, natural progesterone,spiro. A few months later I had a full tummy tuck operation and thats when life improved drastically . Now I feel like woman again and I can look to the future without dread. I still have to shave daily but Im hoping the spiro will kick in. Of course Im very grateful not to have had probs with fertility, I was blessed with 3 kids in under 3 years and for that I very lucky
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