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Hi guys,
We got back last week, but haven't been able to post, but I have been reading everything posted. So anyways, we had a great time in Florida visiting daughter Tracy and her graduation from Leadership school was sure a big doing. There was around 350 people at that hall, besides the graduates and their guests there were tons and tons of Air Force high brass. The room was a sea of blue uniforms and it made me feel so safe to be there with all the wonderful spirit of America those who chose to defend our country had. Tracy looked beautiful and I will attemp to see if I can add a picture to this post at the end.

On the weight front, I went back to my WW meeting after 2 weeks and had a 2.2 lb gain, but that is not so bad considering I was on vacation and we had a wonderful all you can eat crableg dinner on the Gulf Of Mexico when we went there. I think I can safely say I did eat AT LEAST 2.2 lbs worth. But am back on track again with the program and exercising too.

So first of all I guess since CJ the Queen started # 65 I guess I should give her the Royal Brat salute. LOL So this is for you CJ.

for starting the new thread and beating me so TAKE THAT! LOL There I feel better already. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
But you probaly don't eh CJ? Awwww admit it, you love when your get BRATTED don't you? I know you do!

Carolyn-So glad your weekend with your friend went well in Bloomington and you did so well program wise too. Hey Carolyn did you go to Bloomington, Indiana-my state or does Kentucky have a Bloomington too? We are pretty close to Bloomington from Columbus. Maybe 45 minutes or so, Indiana University is there and since my daughter was there for a few years I have been there many times. Beautiful place isn't it? Very cultural with all the different nationalities going to the University there. So very sorry about your favorite girl student who was killed in the car crash. Don't worry about you program with all that stress you are going through. It may not be the time right now. Don't put even more stress on yourself, just do your best and I know you will.

Kim-Hang in there Kim, things are bound to get better if Chad gets on his meds and keeps on going to therapy as well. I know you are glad at least there is a diagnosis though. At least you know now what you are dealing with and what to expect too. (((((((((((((KIM))))))))))))) My gosh girl what you are going through with Hannah and all her accidents sound familiar. Kids are always doing something to themselves whether it be falling, getting their head stuck in a chair, getting ahold of some medicine or shoving marshmellows up their nose. Ahhhhh how well I remember those days. You will laugh about this someday, but not right now. My email address is [email protected] for you and anyone else who wants it.

Judy-Wow good for you going in the right direction indeed. That's great losing those 2 lbs. I have faith in your that you will keep on going too. You are really keeping busy, between your new quilt classes you will soon take, teaching your former sis in law how to embroider and got a new car too. Hooray for you, you are getting back to life and doing great at it too.

Mary Kay-So glad your birthday went well and I know you enjoyed those 2 cakes too but talk about sugar overload! Happy belated birthday! I know you sure must be so happy those tournaments are all over too. Hope things get back to normal for you now.

Sam-Glad you are doing well and back to work to. I am glad you have Charlottes day care figured out so well and it is working out so well too. Gosh I can't believe that your daughter is 6 months old already. What is a naming day? I have never heard of it. Is it a custom in your country?

sweet tooth-Hi Peggy and welcome home! It seems that your trip went well indeed. You even lost weight too. I know you are happy about that. It was great too that you got to spend your 31st Anniversary in London too, lucky you. Oh yes, congratulations on making your Thanksgiving Challenge Goal too. Yes I will keep your daughter in your prayers that everything goes alright for her. How wonderful that she is willing to go and help those people who need it there.

Sylvia-I am so sorry about your Mother in law (and Chad's Uncle too) and hope they both get better soon, but how wonderful of you to help out in the family. That was great of your husband to give you those roses and baloons too. Kind of picked up your spirits didn't it?

Kolika-Thanks for the insight into your name. How lucky you were to live in Hawaii. Wow there is a haunted bridge in Columbus? Do you know where? I guess I need to ask my son's, they would know, cause they always know where all the haunted houses are around here. LOL Sounds like your camping trip might have been fun, inspite of all you went through to get there and the rain when you got there didn't help did it?

Sandi-That is great that Spence will be able to retire really soon, like in a few days. That will be great for the 2 of you, now you can really travel and enjoy life to the fullest. That is also great that they have hired a new girl to help you out and lighten your load too.

cherrycoke-Hey Mavis you seem to be doing really well with your weight loss efforts, Wow you have lost 42 lbs! That is wonderful. Keep up the good work. How did your weigh in go for you?

Jello-Your Las Vegas trip sounds like it went great for you guys. Good luck at your weight loss, let us know how it went. Hey now that you are back from your vacation why don't you go ahead and start the Small Sucesses thread? I'll bet you will get a good reply. With the holidays coming we all need this.

CJ-Hey there, how you doing? You sure are one busy girl arn't you? Can't wait to see you and Dick again. Only 11 more days than pass the Buttershots! By the way, WHAT IS THE SURPRISE? You outta know that I can't stand it, not knowing? LOL Oh well I guess if I gotta wait than I gotta wait. I will work on getting back on ICQ too and let you and anyone else that wants my ICQ # when I do.

Gail-Hi Gail, I miss you so much on this thread and it is great to keep on hearing from you. I just love your emails so much and you know I think about you so much and hope one of these days you will pop in here and say hello too. MISS YOU!

Chrissy-Hi sis in law, thanks so much for the great email, I will answer soon. Your daughter Ellie just wrote me a great email and it warmed my heart that my niece wrote me that wonderful special email. Glad to hear that things are going great for her. Say hi to her and to Emily too. Love you Chrissy, will answer you soon. I know you are busy going to school and working and everything else. I will miss you at Thanksgiving when we go to Michigan, but understand and think it is great that you are going to your sister Cynthia's in Virginia. Don't worry, my Dad, Papa and brother Jerry will not be alone for Thanksgiving, cause the Scobel clan invited him to come to Ken's brother Don's in Monroe so I will fill you in when I email you.

Miss everyone else to who hasn't come back. COME ON BACK ALL YOUR THINSTER'S. MISS YOU!!!!!

Attached is a picture of Tracy at her Leadership Graduation with her boyfriend. Brett.

Take care guys and remember I love you and missed you all.

Love ya, Sharon
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