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I am so frustrated. In December I fell down the stairs and hurt my ankle. I had ahard time walking but was on my feet all the time as that was a really busy time at work. But I stoped working out and put back on some weight I lost.

I started walking on the trails around the city. i really like to be out side and walk. Last week I walked to work and it was farther than i thought and my foot hurt so I didi not walk a few days last week. Today i walked for about an hour and 15 minutes and it felt good while I did it. But now my foot/ankle hurts. I am worried, I feel like i should not walk tommorow but i really want to, on the other hand i know I could just walk less. Maybe I should go to the doctor and have them look at it. i hate going to the doctor. Just frustrating. I guess i can find a differnt exersize that is not putting all of this wieght on my foot/ankle. any suggestions on free out door exersizes that are easy on the ankles?
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