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Zelma – I loved your post about your lifestyle! That is where I want to be someday! I think I am doing some things similarly to you, but other things differently. But the point is I want MY lifestyle to become second nature. I’m not really there yet (esp with the exercise) but I can envision a day when that’s the case for me too.

And yikes! A nearly 6 mile walk! I would HOPE that was your exercise for the day!

Maria Lucia -- again. It sounds like you are making the right decision for you, but that certainly does not make it easier. When you mentioned you didn’t love yourself enough before to leave I knew exactly what you meant. I was in a similar situation a number of years ago. I made the right decision to leave my relationship that was SO not right for me and am in a much better place now than I ever imagined I would be.

As for the nutridiary question, they are color coded: orange is fat, blue is carbs and green is protein. The order is always the same: fat, carb, protein. You can see this more clearly if you click on “full analysis” and you see the pretty pie graph with your percentages of each. You also see this on the “Start” page when it shows you the calorie distribution graph.

Mokster – congrats on the bike! I’d love to invite you (and anyone else who wants to!!) to join our monthly exercise thread. We use it as a way to keep ourselves accountable for exercise. We track the number of minutes we exercise AND keep track of the minutes the group has done. So far this month we are nearing 100 hours (6000 minutes) of exercise.

Seriously, join us – it’s stickied at the top of the 300+ forum.

I have some news to report – hubby got laid off from his job today.

It is not really a surprise in some ways, but then, of course it’s a surprise. We’re still figuring out what’s up with everything, but at least he has a bit of severance pay. We’ve been pretty conservative fiscally, and with everything can go awhile without fear of losing the house, but it’s still scary and stressful.

And I refuse to use this as an excuse to change my lifestyle (getting back to Zelma’s point). We had our planned healthy dinner and took the dogs for a nice walk.

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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