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Default much going on.

Amy, I can totally understand how that would upset you. I remember when I was in college I got a call one night when my dad was out (I was home for the summer) that one of my dad's best friends had died of a heart attack. They had had breakfast together that morning. My dad was devastated and I was so thrown. If his friend could die of a heart could my dad. Death affects us all in different ways. I am sorry that this has you so upset.'s a major decision. But if you can empower yourself to make that sort of pro-active choice for yourself that you know is better for you in the long run..then you can make other pro-active choices as not running for the fridge to soothe your heart...although a little chocolate never hurt anyone...much. *HUGGGGS* to you and wishing you strength!!!

Kayley: read the comment I left you on MySpace.

So I have now been to the gym three trial workout, and then Saturday and today. Yesterday was DISNEY all day...and wow did we walk!!! I wish I had brought my pedometer to see how much ground we covered. Next time for sure. I peed all day long...but when you drink roughly 120 oz. of water it's to be expected. My food was soooooo good too. We went to Denny's for breakfast and had veggie egg beater's omelettes, for lunch we had roasted chicken and veggie refried beans, we brought our own snacks (carrots, light string cheese, a Luna Bar), and for dinner I had soft tacos in steamed corn tortillas and a salad. All in all a very good day. The weather was great and we got the cutest bride and groom Mickey & Minnie ears. Mine are white sequins and are on a headband with a veil...I'll try to post pictures.

Jason totally threw me for a loop though during lunch. Out of nowhere he says "So, how many kids do you want to have?" HUH? I mean we've talked about kids..but that was random. I guess it's being around so many families all day..but whoah!

I more or less gave up on keeping Passover. It's not that I eat so much bread products but it's just getting to be a pain in my tail. I sort of feel bad...but just sort of.

My mother comes tomorrow. I have not seen her since November 1997 and our relationship has varied between on the mend and strained. I am pretty anxious about it and can only hope for the best. She wants to buy away the last umpteen years of bad blood between us. Who am I to say no?

Happy Monday...sorry I didn't have more personal replies.

p.s. I LOVE the elliptical machine..what have I done without it all these years?
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