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Hi Sue, Mel and Pooky !

Thanks Sue for your reminders ! No problem with the water drinking here. As a matter of fact - I'm always telling people to drink 1/2 their weight in water ! I'm not dropping alot of water etc. yet so I've not seen any potasium problems yet. I'll check out my vitamin and see if it's in there.

Mel - you might want to pick up a Brita type water picture for around $17. It really does make water taste good ! Honest !

Thanks Pooky for the artificial sweetener info ! I've cut way back on diet sodas while out and only drink Diet Rite at home which is the only one without Aspartame, salt, caffeine etc... Thanks also for the invitation to join you all over on the Daily thread ! It will take awhile to get to know everyone but I have popped in from time to time.

Have a Great day everyone !!! Denise
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