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Hi Sherrie !

Thanks ! Right now, I'm reading the original book and enjoying it very much. I've also got the newer one which has the 4 steps of the diet. And you're right - he's got us doing 20 carbs for the first two weeks. I'm in my 2nd week and doing pretty good. Somedays are still a little higher but alot lower than what I was eating before. I've also got the older version of Protein Power and I'm enjoying reading that too. I'm not too crazy about the newer book of that tho. So, you like Atkin's too ? Cool ! I just came upon another new study done at the Durham VA Medical Center in No. Carolina saying how Atkin's is safe. First for Women has a Great article also quoting 2 different studies saying how safe it is also. I think one was from Duke University ! I feel very comfortable following these diets and I've never felt better !!! And - I'm not hungry ! Thanks again for your input. Take care ! Denise

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