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Hi Mel and Sue ! So, Covert's formula was pretty close ! Cool ! He says it's within 2 % and he's right on the money ! He also has a chart in the book... of Lean Body Mass for women at 22 %. It's by height and 5'2" says 78-94 lbs. so you've got plenty of that. How tall are you Mel ? I can check that for you too. Have you gone to that site and done the calculations yet ? You do need a tape measure. I'm 5'4" and mine should be between 83-100 lbs. so since I had 130.2 lbs. of it last month - I can afford to lose some of that. As far as body fat % allowed - Covert says - 22 % for women except if they are on birth control - then it's 23-26 % or postmenopausal women on hormones - 25-30 %. BTW Mel - all the situps in the world won't help with that lower body fat. That's for upper abs. You need reverse situps or leg lifts to target that lower area. That can help tighten it up but you still have to burn off the fat with aerobics etc...

Thanks Sue for the comparison of the two books ! I think Atkin's got a little bit more lenient in his newer book. He nows says 20 grams to start for the first 2 weeks or longer if you'd like. Then he has you add 5-8 grams per week until you hit the spot where you don't lose anymore. Then he has you eat just below that until you hit your goal. Meanwhile... I'm still just counting my carbs as best I can. It's certainly a heck of alot better than I was doing last week ! I'm enjoying reading both Atkin's in the 1st Protein Power very much and will probably take a little from both and make my own diet !

Is anyone familiar with the Doctor's Weight Loss Centers ? A WW buddy is going to one and he's told her to limit her carbs to something like 100 per day ? What kind of low carb diet is that ? She also can't have cheese or some other stuff that we can. He's big into saying... if you deviate at all - you've blown it ! And this costs $100. a month !!! I don't think so ! Funny, before the meeting today at WWs - some of us started talking about how in the old days... WWs program used to be very much like Atkin's. And people were losing very well ! One woman told me she lost 111 lbs. in 10 months ! Too bad they switched to high carbs. I hope to do very well with this and when they ask me what I'm doing differently ? I'm just gonna smile and say "I'm watching my carbs." Which IS true !!!

I really feel confident that for me... this is the missing piece of the puzzle ! I know in my heart of hearts how HARD I've been trying for years to lose this weight - with very little success. I'm so happy that I've found this site and all you wonderful people who are also doing this !!! It sure makes it more fun ! Plus, we've got something in common. My friends (except maybe 1) basically think I'm nuts and gonna die ! I can't wait for 6 months from now when I'm skinny... Boy, I can sure talk ! TTUL ! Denise
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