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Default Sue - body fat %

Hi Sue ! Thanks for the stats etc. ! Question ? Are you figuring your body fat % at the gym, from a book etc. ? I was reading one last night in Protein Power which seemed very complicated. Covert's got his on for free. I'd be curious how your numbers might come out with his formulas ? Did you mention how many lbs. of LBM you have right now ? Are you basing your goal weight on that ? I ask because I've read that as we become heavier, our bodies build extra muscles to help us carry the extra weight and that we end up with some extra that we can afford to lose. Covert has a chart where he gives the average amounts by height. Just wondering where you might fall in there ? Anyway... as we lose weight, we keep recalculating the goal weight and it does keep going down. I'm getting set to do mine again next week and I'm hoping for good things ! I'll let you know how I do. Congratulations on your exercising !!! I'm glad that I read in Protein Power to wait a bit before starting and to just get used to the eating plan because that's how I feel right now. Did you happen to see what I posted about the new book ? I really wasn't very impressed with it but for $10. - I'll probably hold onto it for future reference. They had mentioned that they had switched publishers etc... and that the first book was more geared to losing weight - which is what I'm needing right now ! I'm still not too sure I want to start counting my protein ? I'm kindof tired of counting as it is ! But I'll read it again and if it makes alot of sense... I'll resign myself to it. This is getting long so I'll close. Nice talking to you ! Take care, Denise
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