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Hi Sue ! Thanks for the info ! Congrats on your running on the treadmill today ! I used to like to do that too. Eventually... I'll get back to it. I even want to get back to weight training again. So, how come you want to go so low with your body fat % ? That's awfully low from what I've been reading. According to Covert BAiley - 22 % is about right unless you're on hormones or birth control pills in which case you're allowed a bit more. Wow - you've sure built up the muscles ! I've got some extra ones that I can afford to lose myself. Not that any of them are working very well right now. BTW - how tall are you ? I'm 5'4" and with the muscles I have... he's got me figured for a goal weight of about 167. That will probably go down tho if/as I lose some of this extra muscle weight. We'll see, I remeasure in a week or so.

I've been telling everyone how you've inspired me so I ran out and bought the Protein Power new books today ! I'm looking forward to reading them later on today. Thanks for the idea !!! I'm hoping they might be a little easier to follow than the Atkin's that I've already got. Well, gotta run and pick up the little one from school ! Talk to you later ! Denise
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