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Default Protein Power book

Hi Mel and everyone else ! Hey Mel - if you can find that Protein Power book of yours - I'd read it ! I've got them both and I think the Protein Power one reads better than the Atkin's one. I'm not sure exactly why ? but maybe there's less defensiveness ? Not that it isn't justified with all he's had to put up with ! It's funny how people at lunch were all giving me a hard time about low carbing and especially Dr. Atkin's - when they have not only not lost weight in the 10 years I've known them (while attending TOPS) but they're even heavier ! Don't they see it's not working ? !!! One had even tried the Zone before herself ! I wish I'd thought to point that out ! Anyway... I was so impressed with how well Sue is doing - that I left those lunchmates and walked down to the bookstore and bought myself not only the newer version of Protein Power but also the little booklet for my purse ! I'm not a mean person but I'm gonna enjoy getting thinner and thinner each week when I meet these people for lunch and who knows ? Maybe someday... they'll ask me again how I'm doing it ! Let's read those books of ours Mel and we can start this together ! Take care and I'll TTUL ! Denise
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