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Hi Tracy,
I too have depression,and anxiety, about 8 years ago i took St. Johns wort for depression, and Kava Kava for anxiety, i was pretty happy with the results.....but then after talking with a psychiatrist she told me that true medications are much more studied and safer than the herbs. Just because the herbs are "natural" doesn't make them safe, they are still drugs...just like marijuana and opium-they are natural too.

So i opted to stop the herbs and do true medications, but i believe that medication alone isn't enough. I believe we also need counseling/phsychotherapy, we need to get to the bottom of the causes of our fears and sadness, and our issues...gosh i have so many issues.....*sighs*

There are so many things we don't share with our family, and friends, that we can be brutaly honest with a counselor, and if you find the right one, accompanied by medication, they can really make a world of differance.

God Bless
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