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Trying to find my way.
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mel grab you book and read it thoroughly, that will explan all that has happened to you i have a mild case of the same but it is when i eat too much sugar i start to get hypoglycemic, and have the same thing. get back on low carb immediatly that will lead to diabeties wehn you are older and then you will have more problems i have never felt better than i do now. i went to a wedding this weekend ans was able to dance a whole dance all at one not just ready to give up after the first 1 min!!!!I dances several dances!!! i even danced the twist for the whole time twisting the entiretime!!!! WOW

no i do not mind you asking how long it took me i have been doing PP sicne july 2000 BUT i have taken some hiatiuses about 6 months worth and have droped from a very tight 22 (24 actually) to a size 14!!!! i have my 14's on right now and they feelgreat and they are not tight!!!! I was at the gym this morning and ran on the treadmill. i did it in spurts of 2-3 min with rests but i did it and had a great time!!! I LOVE IT!!! i have had stalls and months of not eating to the fullest but i really have been trying to get to goal in a slow pace. My goal is to have about 15% body fat i started with a lean body mass of 94 lbs which would bring my goal weight to about 130, but my lean body mass is about 130 now so my goal weight is closer to 150.

so welcome girls and any questions and help just ask!!!
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