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I am also very scared of storms. My fear (though I don't know where yours comes from) is actually the result of a bit of a traumatic incident.

A couple of years ago, I took my nephew to one of the pools in our apartment complex. It was cloudy, but since when did clouds hurt anybody? I told him that if it started to rain or anything, we were coming right home! So, we swam for about 10 minutes, we were the only ones there. All of a sudden, the leaves on the trees in the pool area started falling all around us. The wind was gusting horribly. I told Jordan to get out of the pool, quick. We quickly ran over to grab our things. As we were getting our towels on, the umbrella in the table we were at picked up and flew right above our heads and onto the other side of the pool area. I shouted for Jordan to go faster. We had almost gotten all of our things when we heard a sickening CRACK followed by (for me) pain. The very large tree that our table was sitting next to had let loose one of its largest branches, and it grazed my hand and leg, leaving blood trailing down each part. Luckily, I'd shoved Jordan to the side, so all that happened to him was that the leaves of the branch whipped his back. I ended up getting an infection in my leg that took something like 2 weeks to fully go away.

So now, whenever it storms, or even just gets windy, I get panicked. If it's a thunderstorm, I often run to my bed and throw the pillow over my head and try to think happy thoughts.

I have no clue about the St. John's Wort thing, but I would definitely follow your family's advice on seeing a new doctor.
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