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Default ? Anxiety Attacks ~ Panic Attacks ~ Depression ?

Hi. I know these boards are not medical boards and so on. But I thought I would ask others about this. I was not exactly sure where to post it so I just posted it here.

I am struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. I also suffer from depression. But I fear storms (all), rain, snow, dogs, travel (to places/areas I have not been before), and others things too.

I was thinking about trying "St. John's Wort" for these issues. I heard it is good for depression, but I am not sure if it will help with the anxiety and panic problems. Has anyone tried this? And what did you think?

Do you know something out there that would help with these issues? My family thinks I should see a new doctor. But I really don't want too. So I was thinking about natural remedies or what have you first.

Also, is anyone else totally terrified of storms? If so, when the storms are in your area what do you do? This is my BIGGEST problem. I can't stop pacing the floors back and forth to each window looking at the skies, and back to the computer to check the weather radar, and the weather channel on tv and so on. It gets bad.

Thanks in advance.
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