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Hello Denise! I will have to try to get my hands on the article. See where I get confused is here:

About a year ago I went to my doctor for some problems I was having with feeling tired all the time. He tested everything and everything came back fine. So he had me take a glucose test where I couldn't eat anything for like twelve hours before the test. I went to the lab first thing in the morning. I think I started at 7:30am. First they took my blood to see what my starting point was. Then they made me drink this god awful stuff that was like really really surgary sprite. I had to come back at 8:30 to check the blood again. And then again at 9:30. Before I left at 9:30 the nurse told me that would be the last time I would be able to leave because the affects would be kicking in at any time. Boy was she right! I went to a store to buy some magazines, thinking I would be at the clinic another 3 hours. By the time I was heading back for my 10:30 check, I was starting to shake and sweat. (It was like November in Wisconsin-which is cold) I had to take my coat off by the time I got back I was so hot. My legs were shaking so badly I didn't think I would make it inside. The nurse grabbed me and helped me into a chair, took blood for the last time and got me a candy bar. She said under normal conditions I should never reach for a candy bar because it will just raise my levels and then drop them again more rapidly, but she needed to get me stable.

So to make a long story longer My doctor told me I am glucose intolerant and suggested I follow a low carb diet. I had his permission to go ahead and I did do it for quite awhile after that. But that is when I started hearing all the bad stuff. At first I told myself that it was just people who were jealous saying all that stuff. They didn't want people to lose the weight. They wanted me to stay fat forever. But the more I heard, the more unsure I became. Like I said, I guess I will have to try to find that article. I don't have kidney problems. I had stones once, like 6 years ago, and sometimes get infections, but other then that, everything is ok!

Thanks for listening. I hope you will check back with me! Big Hugs to all Mel
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