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Yeah, before I was about 60 carbs...that's without trying, just naturally what I was falling into without paying any attention. Hopefully this will be an improvement. If you're already exercising an hour to two a day you don't need to up it at all! Maybe just push it a little more for the time you work out. I elliptical for just under an hour and hit 500 calories. Then you only need a 500 calorie deficit from your maintenance calories to lose a lb. a week. If you were maintaining at 2200 calories and you drop your calories to 1500 than you have 700 calories deficit, exercise for 300 calories worth and there's your thousand calorie deficit. Have you ever tried Nutridiary or Fitday? They're great for tracking that and it really helps me. Definately sounds like you're on the right track though. At least at our height 10 pounds is a huge difference. I'm already down just about 12 in 5 weeks!
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