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Question what's your balanced plan for weightloss?


i really enjoy exercising, especially running. i just finished a 10K race today. my problem is that in preparation for these events, i never want to underfuel myself. so i either gain weight or lose it VERY VERY SLOWLY.

i am currently trying to eat about 1500-1700 a day. if i run 5 miles, eating this little becomes difficult after a few days. so, i guess i should run less in order to eat less, right?

i guess i just want to get a feel about y'alls exercise regimens that allow you to lose weight without feeling weak. i am trying to incorporate more strength and flexibility workouts. here is what i'm thinking of doing every week:
pilates or yoga (1-3x)
weights (2-3x)
running or elliptical, 30-45 min (5-7x)

i figure if i eat 1600 cal on average, i should burn 1500 (basal) + 400 (exercise)= 1900 on average. so i am in a deficit of 300 cal/day-- about 1/2 per week.

i guess i should just stick with this? or is there a way to create more of a deficit? what is working for everyone else? by the way, i am 5'4" 25F, currently about 149ish lbs.

thanks! and sorry if this was so technical.
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