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Morning my Darlin's... I made stuffed chicken breasts with the filling being sausage(pre-cooked) three kinds of cheese bacon crumbled,ham slice and wrapped in chicken and that wrapped in bacon MMMMMMmmmm good and my friend came out and brought a legal spinach casserole (no flour) boy what a great meal we had and all legal!!!! Everyone enjoyed it.
Simba was hollering all night , I don't know why. She behaved so strange all night . Needless to say as tired as I was I could not sleep. It seemed she needed so much comforting. I had a bad feeling. Ah well. It is just another case of something I have no control over so all I have to do is cope and I think I am doing quite well. I am happy to say I have been OP since I began about 6 weeks ago and I am really proud of myself for that. I never dreamed a year ago that I could do it.It took me so many years but at last I have my head on straight and have sorted it all out.
I wish I had been wise enough to do it oh so many years ago but at least I did. the weight has moved a lot slower than it used to and I had a problem with that at first but now I am just glad to see it go. Life is good.

Pat , I thank you for thinking I don't look my age, I hope to look younger again as my weight drops.
When we got married I thought I carried my age well but now ....
well I think it shows a lot more. Hopefully I will regain a bit more of a youthful appearance along with trimming down. More importantly , I am beginning to feel like myself again and feel almost pretty. Not quite there yet but almost. I do feel much more feminine again. I need to get some dental care along the way too.
Now it all matters to me again. That is a very good thing!!!!
Your kind words about the pics were so nice.I will suceed and get below 300 by Halloween!!!!
Jennifer your kind words and comments meant a lot I hope to grow younger, healther, and much more mobile!!!!

My Mom made a great outfit for me to wear in this life and I messed it up but I am busy fixing it, finally!!!!
My exercise is going pretty well but the day of the "cooking" It was exhausting and the cooking was my exercise for the day. So far I have managed 20 minutes a day but I think I will increase it by 10 minutes this week.
I can almost wear a size 24 jeans and considering I was wearing a 28 to 30 that thrills me!!!! I guess I am lossing inches!!!!
So my Dear Ones for now I will go and You all I have duct tape out for everyone so if you feel someone taping you in's me!
Please don't cheat yourselves out of your goals, dreams and so deserved freedom from the prison we call fat suit. The food will always be there and the time will come when we can eat those things from time to time and wisely, in the mean time ...don't give in (give up). You deserve so much more for yourselves we all do.
Love ,
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