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Hello Princesses!!!

I've had difficult times with my back lately...the weather has been changing in various degrees, and I've been overdoing things like cleaning house. I must be nuts!!! BUT I have still been OP!!!

Obviously with the back pain, I haven't been able to sleep, and we know that we need to rest our bodies so that we can lose the weight. For some reason, we retain water when we are sleep deprived...our bodies don't have the chance to revive and work properly if we are not rested and/or under stress.

With having to take so much of my meds, I have been staying away from Mr. Scale...I'm sure he's a real turd!!! LOL I haven't given up on this program, is my life changing program, and I know that I will be svelte and (more) beautiful again.

My in-laws are finally back in town and I am looking forward to seeing them this sunday. I didn't have any clothes that fit me (everything I have hangs on me, and I refuse to buy anything until I lose all my weight. Thank goodness I rarely go anywhere that I need to be dressed up...this IS Florida, after all. Anyway, I have a (new) friend with whom I have been fortunate enough to exchange clothes. She's in my bigger size, and I can fit into her smaller clothes. I'm looking forward to trying on a few outfits that she is bringing over later this morning. I want to look especially nice for our visit to the in-laws.

I cherish and have missed you all so very much. I'm so proud of each and every one of you. You all have been such a source of strength for me. I had really fallen apart this last month or so, but I am quickly reviving. Life is good for me, and I am blessed to have each and every one of you in my life.

Stay strong, stay OP, and quit that cheating (Sue!!! Pat!!!). Excuses don't sabotage all the good work you have done. Take it 5 minutes at a time when you think about cheating. Say that you can wait 5 minutes for those extra carbs, and then 5 minutes more, and 5 minutes more until you talk yourself out of it. Drink some hot water or hot tea with just a little sweetener in it. The warm liquid and little bit of sweetener will trick your body into thinking it has had those carbs that you and maybe your body thinks it needs.

We all have our own goals other than our programs...if we don't follow through with this program, then how do we think we can accomplish our other goals??? You have to take care of you!!! You aren't being deprived if you can't have some OFF PROGRAM FOODS to are depriving yourself of reaching your goal and feeling better about yourself. Is that what you really want to do???

I am attaching a picture of myself 50 pounds ago. I'm the one with the dark hair (it's blond now).

Love and strength to you all,

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