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Aww...see you are on the positive path today Mel!
I AM irish and scottish and that headstrong gotta-have-it-my-way mentality really proves an issue at times. especially with carbs...and chocolate....and cake....and ....

I too quickly learned 2 very important things today....
1. DO NOT weight yourself every day.
--- I could not help it and I could have easily been very disappointed in myself. I saw a 1.5 pound increase today. Now, I must convice myself that I am not taking into account the serious walking I am doing now (3-4 miles a day) and building muscle, which weighs more that my 'bubble wrap', and the other realization that takes me to #2...

2. Either always weigh in the sames clothes or naked. Monday I was nude when I weighed. Today I am in pants and a shirt. I stripped and the 1.5 magically disappeared.

Ladies please scream, yell and scold me for setting a trap for myself in even attempting to weight everyday. Threaten me with creative bombs of reproof!

I know I am excited, but this is part of the vicious cycle I set up for myself that has me reverting to giving up and going to Dairy Queen. I must stop this!!!

and Mel, yes my days a brighter. My 'problems' are not fixed, yet I have to resolve to accept that these things are out of my control and my life will go on despite these bumps in the road. I must play nice with others and not create situations that make the matters worse.

I hope all you ladies have a wonderful day and I will be back later to see how you all are

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